Scanlon Engineering Services

Scanlon Engineering Services, Inc. (SES) was incorporated in March, 2004. SES is located in Griffin, GA and is only 39 miles south of Atlanta, GA. SES’ core business is civil engineering and land surveying. Collectively, our personnel have over 90 years of professional civil engineering and land surveying experience. We offer our clients a relaxed but professional environment in which our staff, backed by top of the line equipment, provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ needs.

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SES provides efficient and cost effective professional civil engineering and land surveying services.  Let our talented and creative staff provide you with the design excellence and professional service you deserve.

Civil Engineering

due diligence/planning + commercial developments municipal infrastructure + roadway design water/sewer design + recreational development industrial development + residential developments NPDES/erosion & sediment control + stormwater routing flood plain analysis + construction & project managment GDOT pre-qualification for 9.01-erosion sedimentation + pollution control + trenchless technology


boundary/topographic surveys + easement surveys + construction staking + builder services + ALTA as-built surveys + route surveys + utility surveys + quantity surveys + photogrammetric/GPS control + FEMA elevation certification + GDOT pre-qualification for 5.01-land surveying + GDOT pre-qualification for 5.02-engineering surveys

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Who We Are

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please give us a call (678-967-2051) or send us an email ( We’d like to hear from you!